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There are many reasons why I choose to specialize in helping people buy homes. First and foremost is the deep satisfaction I get from helping them find the home they want, as well as helping them through all aspects of the transaction. I love meeting people and networking with other agents and customers. My primary goal is brand recognition for being a great professional to work with! That’s why, in my ongoing commitment to first-class service, I can confidently say that if I can’t answer a specific home-buying-related question you have, I’m a phone call or email away from an expert in my professional network who can.

When I work for you I will: 1) Educate you about Buyer/Seler Agency, outlining my fiduciary responsibilities to you, which include: complete Disclosure, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Obedience and Accountability. 2) Save you time by searching the market for an affordable home that meets your criteria or buyer behaviors if you are selling. 3) View homes with you and provide comparative analysis. I can also refer you to expert home inspectors that will provide more in-depth analysis and advice. 4) Help you explore your financing options so you can make the best possible mortgage decision. 5) Negotiate the best possible price for you and take care of the documentation details. 6) Assist you, if necessary, in finding any home-related services you need.

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address2240 Palm Beach Lakes BLVD.
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
state license #SL3308747

Company Info

Continental Properties, Inc.
2240 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd #400, West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Designations & Awards

– United States Army Veteran (10.5 Years)
– Master’s Degree in Business and Project Management
– Information Technology Expert
– Marketing and Advertising Background
– Huge Social Media Presence

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